Social Media Management

Social Media is one of the most powerful ways you can promote your business.  People of all demographics and interests use it every single day. Digitise Techno is the Social Media Management Company entrusted to help businesses increase brand awareness, influence, and gain new customers.

It isn’t enough these days to just have a company page.  The day to day engagements, content strategy, use of advertising is a full time job!  Unfortunately, businesses have difficulty staying on top of the latest trends because they are ever changing.  Not to mention, being effective takes valuable time which, in today’s business climate, can be worth more than money.

Our efforts include complete daily social posting, full content management, paid social media ad campaigns, and and the best reporting and brand consultation available.

Don’t trust this important and vital part of your inbound marketing strategy to just anyone. We have the track record and the expertise to help you dominate social media and build your business.


Viral Success

The Social media management experts at Digitise Techno will implement the latest strategies necessary to drive success on the world’s most influential marketing stage – Social Media!

  • Go-to Market Strategy

  • Content Creation

  • Social Ad Campaigns

  • Platform Selection

  • Grow Your Following

  • Posting and Engagement

Clients Love Our Social Campaigns Process

Our process is thorough. Our Social Media team takes every step to
ensure that your brand is top of mind on popular social media platforms.

Here are the steps you can look forward to in a campaign centered on daily engagement:

1. Strategy Session

The setup process begins with a collaborative discussion between your team and the Social Media Manager at Digitise Techno. Tell us about your brand, goals, competitors and your audience. What makes you different? Our team will take this discussion and get to work on a content strategy.

4. Collaborative Success

Your input matters. We will have a monthly collaborative session where you and your Account Manager will touch base, discuss ideas, and work together to make your daily posting strategy a success.

2. Content Strategy

This part is so important. Published content needs to be a mix of sales driven, entertaining, engaging articles relative to the industry, and more. If every post says “Buy Now!”, your followers will get bored. Our team develops a gameplan to keep content fresh.

5. Industry Trends

Wherever we can, we will look to bring a unique and fresh approach, but will also monitor the industry and see if any trends can be identified and implemented.

3. Campaign Launch

Once the engagement campaign gets launched, it really starts to get interesting. Your business will be putting out fresh, relevant, content each and every day. Current followers will become more involved, share information, and attract an even larger pool of fans. This is a great way to build our base, delight your current audience, and stay relevant.

6. Monitor Engagement

We will monitor activity on your timeline to gauge what resonates with your audience. Based on what we find, Our team will hone in on what works.